Author: Evelyn Okunbor

My name is Evelyn Okunbor. I love life! As such, I am always on the quest of personal development, learning ways to embrace life and who I am more fully. It was not always like that for me though and I know that life can be a serious challenge for many of us. Through my education in counseling and psychology, my training as a energy healing practitioner, and my own personal life experiences, I hope to inspire others to connect with their own inner potential, to go on the path of personal development in order to life life more fully, in harmony with self and our world.

Be Patient….With Yourself

I have been reflecting on my process of healing over the last few years and was thinking to myself, “man it isn’t over yet?!”. Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes that can just get a sista down a little bit. Today, however, I went a little further and really felt compassion for myself and saw how patience has been… Read more →

Finding Your Truth

  Find your truth… How many times have you heard someone tell you that? As if it is just so easy! I remember being in my clinical counseling class during my master’s program and my teacher asking us the question “Who are you?”. I started at my blank piece of paper and could only come up with adjectives like kind,… Read more →