My mission is to serve those with broken hearts, who feel alone and misunderstood in the world and are looking for a connection to something greater, who want to experience change in their mind, body, and spirit that leads them to wholeness and Truth, and those who in turn want to serve our World in their own unique way. I want you to know that you are not alone. You can find healing and transformation in your life. You can find your tribe of Light Workers.

I have found You and You have found Me.

Together we can let the light grow, let your Soul Essence emerge and shine in this world.

You can heal with love.

You can transform with love.


Integrative Breathwork – using the power of the breath to heal trauma, clear life blocks, find clarity, and connect to your Soul.

The Lifeline Technique – creating a dialogue with your subconscious to create internal harmony and manifest your best Self.

Reiki Healing – energy healing that assists to create balance, manage pain, promote relaxation, facilitate deep spiritual connection, and many other benefits.