The State of Our Union

As I listened to The State of Our Union, the gathering of women across the nation as an action of resistance, unity, and power, I found myself getting very emotional. Even though I was hundreds of miles away from the actual space in which this gathering was held, I felt strongly connected to each woman that stood at that podium with strength, truth, encouragement, and most of all…Love. To know that these women from all walks of life are advocating for the best interest of so many of us, advocating for our present equality on numerous levels, advocating for our present safety from predators, and advocating for our future generation, fills my heart with gratitude and inspiration.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss topics around healing as well as the importance of healing in unity. I did not imagine writing about any kind of political program or agenda. However, the more I listened, the more I was able to see just how healing listening and being a part of the energy produced from the gathering of thousands in Washington, D.C. and online was for myself and I’m sure for others. Knowing that you are not alone in this challenge of being a woman in a patriarchal society that also is still reeling from the creation of racism and economic inequality is healing. You begin to feel a sense of belonging, even if it is from a distance.

Belonging is one of the five basic needs of life according to psychologist, Abraham Maslow. Even though Maslow is a man (wink), I believe he got it right.

An interpretation of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

His diagram is hierarchical, therefore, in order to get to a place in which you feel a sense of esteem about yourself there needs to be love and belonging. When we go through any form of trauma in life, it becomes very easy to feel alone or unworthy or hopeless in who you are and the environment around you. I remember one of the women who spoke, whose work centered around immigrant farming, mentioned that she did not know she was not the only one who went through the sexual assault. When she discovered this, she and the other women mobilized together in a beautiful way to create change. I do not know her, but I strongly suspect her esteem about herself and her ability went up once she found a place within a group of women who shared in her experience. This is the kind of belonging that I felt while listening and energetically participating.

We belong to this amazing group of women around the nation who have been through and/or currently going through the struggle of what it is to be a woman. That sense of belonging, no matter how big or small the group, is healing because it creates space to speak the truth of experience; it creates a path in which there is someone next to you that is walking in the same direction; it creates an opportunity for conversation that can stir feelings of positive esteem in self through verbal and emotional connection and encouragement; and it creates the energy of inspiration towards some kind of action, forward movement, and/or personal evolution.

I am a black, immigrant, survivor of sexual abuse woman, and this evening I am reminded of just how powerful we, as women, are together. This power that we have is one full of love for all, not ego-bound. For it I am inspired…

I am inspired…to support the women around me in the best way I can
I am inspired…to uplift the women around me that feel dis-empowered
I am inspired…to encourage the dreams of the women around me to better her life and the future
I am inspired…to learn more about ways I can advocate for the equality of women
I am inspired…to use my voice to speak the truth about the state of our union


Before I end this discussion, I think it is important to acknowledge that there are many ways we can support The State of Our Union movement (Yes, I’m calling it a movement…I love it!). It can be as big as giving your sister friend a hug telling her she is not alone and you got her back to as big as participating in the many organizations that uplift the status of women or starting your own. And no, it was not a typo to write “as big as” both times. Any action we take to support our greater sisterhood is a big action, especially one that comes from the Spirit of Love of which we are all connected.


I’m curious to know how you felt about The State of Our Union Address. Let me know by commenting below and let’s chat!

Lastly, but not less important…take the wisdom of the late and great Octavia Butler and vote at any opportunity you can.
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